WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is an exceptionally popular messenger app that has dominated all other competitor chat applications across different platforms. The use of mobile phone numbers for registration and sharing it to personally message, share media files, locations, and even stories have made it somewhat of a ‘personal social app.’ Its succession has led Facebook to purchase it for a heavy price because they acknowledged its potential. Now further expanding its market, WhatsApp managed to provide a tool for the users to connect with their favorite messenger on their personal computer systems. 

The Advent Of WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web was released as a platform for users to connect their WhatsApp on their PCs. While the application was primarily designed for android and iOS platforms, due to its popularity and growing demands of users, the released a web-version. The primary version of this option worked compatibly with Google Chrome only. However, the latest version has managed to work optimally with other web browsers. Therefore, offering everyone a far better convenience. 

Steps To Operate web.whatsapp.com On Browser

It is seamless to initiate web Whatsapp on your browser by following these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and enter https://web.whatsapp.com/


  2. You will be welcomed on the home screen with a QR code. Time to use your phone.

    Web Whatsapp

  3. On your phone, open WhatsApp and Go to Settings (The Three Dots) and click on ‘Whatsapp Web.’ It will open the QR Code reader.

    Whatsapp for web

  4. Align the QR reader with the QR Code on the browser for the devices to sync with the Whatsapp.

    Whatsapp Web Scan

  5. Viola! Your Whatsapp is ready!

    Whatsapp login

If you own more than one number on WhatsApp and want to operate both of them, simply use different web browsers to log in on the different WhatsApp. It is that easy, Opera Mini like browsers even come with extra Whatsapp platform plug-in installed for further convenience of the users.

To Log Out Follow These Steps:

  1. Open your mobile and go to the setting options of your Whatsapp
  2. Click on Whatsapp Web, and below, it will show you ‘Log Out From All Devices.’
  3. Click on it, and you will be logged out from any other device that has your WhatsApp logged in. Except for your phone.

The security measure also allows you to see how many browsers or devices are the Whatsapp connected to. Additionally, you also can see the timestamp to understand when you last logged in on the other device to check WhatsApp. 

Advantages Of Using Web.WhatsApp

The primary reason that you’d want to use web.whatsapp is probably to connect with people while you’re using your PC, without having to use your mobile phones. But there are more benefits and uses of it:

  • For Work: It can enhance your productivity by connecting you with your bosses and potential clients to interact with, for seamless communication. This results in better results in the workplace. Alternatively, you can socialize with your friends with an additional tab open while you are working, very convenient.
  • For Sharing Files: Forget about sharing documents via E-mail. Sometimes E-mail process is slow and even non-responsive. You can simply drag and drop files and document on your WhatsApp Web And click send (Or press enter) to send them to the designated person. It is instant, and other people can immediately download them.
  • For Socialization: As you already know, it is a social app. You can further check the status of other people easily on your WhatsApp Web, you can also use Emojis, Gifs, and Stickers without any restrictions. Chat with your friends and stay connected with better speed and control of the keyboard to type for you.

Significantly, the web.whatsapp.com follows the same security measures as the app. Thus, the messages are end-to-end encrypted and highly secure. It makes sharing the document, assigning work, communication, and everything else even more secure than E-mail or any other option. In short, you have a robust messenger working for you. 

Whatsapp Web For Windows

Good news for all the partons of WhatsApp! There is an official Whatsapp application available on Windows Online Store and official Whatsapp website. 

  • Visit Whatsapp.Com
  • Go to download
  • Simply click on ‘Whatsapp For Windows’ or ‘Download For Windows.’

It is available in both 32 and 64-bit options. However, it requires Windows 8 or higher to function. Furthermore, it also requires you to have WhatsApp pre-installed on the phone, because it uses a similar log-in method to that of Whatsapp Web.

Whatapp Web For Mac

Similarly, there is a Whatsapp App also released for Mac users. It requires the Mac operating system of X 10.10 version or higher for security reasons. Other requirements are the same as windows that you need to have it pre-installed on the phone and running. You can follow the same steps to download it from the official website, or from Mac’s store.  Overall, it is more powerful and specifically designed for your Mac platform.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Can You Video Or Voice Call On Whatsapp Web?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Whether you use Whatsapp web on the browser or install the official Windows or Mac app, it lacks video and voice calling option. It might be deliberately to distinguish it from the mobile phone apps. However, there is a plus side, and you can send voice notes.

Can You Send Voice Notes On Whatsapp Web?

Yes. You can send voice notes on the WhatsApp web, and it uses the same function as the original app. Simply press the mic icon and start recording, release it to send the voice note. You can also share files, documents, and other media. 

Can You Upload Status On Whatsapp Web? 

You can view the status of other people on the Whatsapp App. However, you can not upload them. Whatsapp is still working on providing a secure method to upload status from your personal computers. Therefore, you will have to rely on your mobile app to upload status for the time being. The application for Windows and Mac also does not support this feature.